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Check out these epic YA authors recommending their favorite PRIDE books!

Ready to chat about books featuring LGBTQIAP+ characters? Here are a few questions to kickstart your discussion—plus a helpful glossary of terms from GLAAD.

General questions:

  • A concept first introduced by Rudine Sims Bishop, books are frequently discussed as “windows” and “mirrors” – if this book is a window for you, what did you learn through reading about this character? If a mirror, and you are comfortable sharing, what aspects of the character rang most true to you?
  • How were the main characters received by the people around them? Did that change if the character publicly identified as LGBTQIAP+?
  • Share books that have been either “windows” or “mirrors” for you. What representation are you still hoping to see, but haven’t seen yet?
  • Are there any public discussions that affect the LGBTQIAP+ community that you now feel you understand more after reading this book?
  • Are there topics you wish were addressed in this book? (And if so, are there other members of the discussion group who have suggestions?)

Head here for GLAAD’s Media Reference Guide!

Discussions about LGBTQIAP+ issues can sometimes get heavy, and the Trevor Project is an excellent resource for LGBTQIAP+ youth who may be struggling. Head here for information and resources to best support your readers.

More assets and book recs!

Pride is multifaceted—and exists across multiple genres! Here’s a handy infographic, perfect for finding Pride in all your favorite categories! Plus, download these graphics to share on social!

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